Rockport Navy Committee

Rockport Navy Weekend 2017
July 14-16
The RocNavCom is looking for Rockport residents to host the forty-eight midshipmen and twelve advisors during their visit. The hosts will be responsible for lodging, some meals, transportation to morning events and returning the midshipmen Sunday evening. Many of the activities the midshipmen will be participating in include meals.
Due to the lack of available lodging for visiting active duty sailors, the Rockport Navy Committee is also looking for Rockport residents willing to host sailors in their homes. The sailors only need lodging; no meals or transportation.

The RocNavCom is holding to the Navy standard of the buddy system; hosts must be able to accommodate at least two midshipmen, advisors or sailors.

Please note that there are a limited number of females, advisors and sailors. They will be assigned to hosts according to who requests them first.

Home telephone:


Host 1 name:


Host 2 name:


Number of guests:

Type of guests:

Gender of guests:

Pets (in case of allergies):

If you don't recieve a response within 48 hours, please contact:
Sharon Grandmaison at
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